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About the method

“Breath is a link between mind and body.”  –Dan Brule
“Everyone is architect of his own happiness” – Joseph Pilates


What the method does:

Stanislav Ivanovich Losev invented a method that allows people to use very simple tools to positively transform their lives.
The method can be applied to a range of problems from curing illness, improving one’s financial situation and resolving personal relationship issues.
If you have any of these problems or other challenges,  this method allows you  to find the root of the issue and remove negativity from its core.
We have seen a lot of miracles happen to our clients over the years.
The method is very simple and EVERYONE can benefit from these tools. There are no restrictions.

How it works:
The practitioner will guide the client through their problem, find the source and help remove it.
The practitioner will train the client on how to use the tools on their own so they can create the same result.
You will work with a Higher Power as you understand it in this work and ask Divine Forces for help.

What to expect:
You and those close to you will observe that not only will your problems start going away, but you will also start having more energy, your appearance will improve, and you will start glowing with positive energy

What we don’t do:
We don’t invade your personal energy field. We don’t exchange energies with you. We don’t use dark forces in this method.

We invite you to try our method and see the results for yourself!
If you want to learn more please contact us at or call me at 8474363696 and prepare to be finally happy