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About the AUTHOR

Stanislav Ivanovich Losev was born on May 31, 1945. His mother was filled with vital energy and had a love of nature and living things. Her son must have inherited this energy from his mother. 1945 was also the year when the World War 2 ended and the air was filled with a renewed appreciation and enjoyment of life. Losev’s father survived the war serving in the frontlines. His miraculous delivery as well as the overall feeling of triumph in the air served as the background to Stanislav Ivanovich Losev’s birth.

Losev grew up a dreamer, a romantic, a traveler and an inventor. It was his forward-thinking, optimistic personality that motivated him, instead of more common goals of going to college and getting an ordinary profession. After college, Losev went on to develop a number of inventions and created new and exciting products as part of a Big Wellness program. Today he is hardly home, and it is impossible to catch him, because he is on the road all the time successfully teaching his method and making those he meets happier than they have ever been before

Stanislav Ivanovich Losev introduced his method of conscious development in 2002 and has been perfecting it ever since.

Losev’s method has helped many people get recover from health problems, dramatically improve their financial situations, and create harmonious relationships.

Several years ago,  Stanislav Losev founded his own school where he trains his students to use his method and makes their lives better.